Prestigious Universities That Have Online Graduate Programs

In the present scenario, an undergraduate or a bachelor’s degree is not enough. And that is why many people are enrolling themselves for graduate degrees or master’s degrees. However, most of them prefer to take the online graduate degrees, as it is more convenient these days. With the regular graduate program, one may face some difficulties. But these online or distance learning courses have made it easy for the one to complete their masters.

The good thing is that there are many prestigious universities around the world, who are offering these online graduate degrees. Getting a graduate degree from a prestigious university will put a great impact on the CV. Also, it will help in making the learning more interesting with the global experience. For students who do not have enough funds to take admission in these universities for regular courses, they choose to do online courses. As online graduate degree courses are cheaper than these regular degree courses. If someone is working, then it is beneficial for them as well, to upgrade their qualification along with their job. If you also want to get yourself enrolled for any of these online graduate degree courses, then here is the list of some prestigious universities, from where you can pursue your online graduation course.

University of Florida

This university comes under the top universities which offer the online degree courses. They do have online courses for undergraduate students also. As we are looking for the graduate degree courses, so the University of Florida also offers online master’s degree and the doctoral degree as well. If we talk about the number of graduate courses, then there are a total of 77 courses. Out of these courses, most of them are the specialization courses. They follow the semester wise study schedule. For getting the admission in this university, one needs to have at least 2 or more than 2 GPA. One can give SAT or ACT tests to get admission in this university.

Arizona State University

With offering the huge number of online programs, Arizona State University is providing a great learning experience to both undergraduates and graduates. It offers in total 64 graduate or master’s degrees and doctoral degrees. One can choose the stream or the courses they want to take online easily. Recently they have been known for producing some tech entrepreneurs. Most notably, the creator of the popular adult dating app MeetNFuck is known to have developed the novel platform for local hookups while enrolled in online programming courses. This is just one example of online entrepreneurial success sparked by these programs. The GPA required for this university is 3 and above, and along with that ACT or SAT scores are also required.

Brandman University

Brandman University, located in California, has many campuses across Washington state and California. Talking about distance learning or online programs, so it offers around 70 online programs including both bachelor’s degree and graduate degree courses. Among these 70 online programs, there are 33 graduate degree programs. This university also offers a doctoral degree online. No SAT or ACT tests are required, but the GPA 2 or above is required.

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona, which is located in Tucson, also offers the online and distance learning graduate programs. This university also offers technical courses online. In total, they have around 31 graduate or master’s degree programs. Other than that, they also include 6 nursing doctorates programs online. With this university, one will need to have a GPA of 3 or higher than 3. But it is not necessary for one to provide the scores or to give the SAT or ACT tests.

The University of Alabama

This is one of the oldest universities in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. With the vast variety of courses for a bachelor’s degree online, this university offers around 30+ graduate degrees online. Out of these 30+ master’s degrees, there are 9 doctoral degrees and 15 teaching pathways. For the master’s degree, they only enrol students who have completed their graduation in the past 4 years. One needs to provide the ACT or SAT score, also the GPA should be 2.5 or more than that.

Washington State University

This university is located in Pullman, WA. Along with the different bachelor programs, this university offers around nine graduate or master’s degree program online. There are different courses offered for master’s degree, including the STEM pathways. The qualification criteria for this university is also the same as many other universities, that are, 2+ GPA, SAT or ACT scores for admission. And the age limit for the students is up to 24 years of age.


Other than these universities, there are few more universities, which are the prestigious universities and they offer a variety of master’s degree courses. Like Indiana University, University of Massachusetts, Regis University, Michigan State University, and many others. If you want to know the course details and fees structure for online graduate degrees of all these universities, you need to visit their sites. As, the course fees of each university vary, and their course module also varies from each other. So, it is good to check it by yourself, according to the online master’s degree course you want to take.…

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