Popular Online Education Companies

In the post-COVID world, online education has become the new normal. As people are compelled to stay confined at home, they are tending more to learn various digital certification programs or complete their syllabus online. With several fun quizzes, interactive polls, and learning games, online education has truly changed the face of academic education.

However, some companies are springing up to take this advantage. With low-quality study materials and unappealing study programs, such companies completely ruin the learning experience for the students. Also, a certificate from such fraudulent or below average companies has little or no value in the market.

In order to avoid such underrated companies, you need to know the popular ones. Not only these online education companies make learning experience real fun and enriched but you can also use a certification from these companies to validate your expertise. Here are a few of such providers:


Coursera is recognized as the world’s largest portal for online course from reputed institutions and universities. Some of the courses in this platform have more than one million learners. This speaks volumes of the quality of their lessons.

Not only individuals, but various companies too can arrange for enrolling their employees. That way, the employees can learn several business centric or technical courses at a reasonable pricing. Coursera for Business is a distinct model equipped with registered Coursera experts. There are multiple pricing plans available including Enterprise, Team and Basic. Though the basic plan starts at $100, large companies can opt for enterprise plans. Some of the reference customers include Philips, Loreal, Pfizer, Infosys, etc.


This European online education provider is a part of an open university that arranges for various distance learning courses from the top universities around the world. However, FutureLearn does not provide any pricing. The individual learner has to request for a quote for customized courses.


Unlike the above mentioned online learning platforms, Udemy is not associated to any university. This is operated by the independent industry experts in their concerned field. Naturally, you may expect to learn a detailed and authentic lesson under their supervision.

Like Coursera, Udemy too has a special provision named Udemy for Business. Here, the companies may get an access to over 2500 relevant courses handpicked and taught by the Udemy star professionals. The courses have multiple pricing plans (enterprise, team, and nonprofit). The starting range is $240 per year for every user for any company with 20 employees. Some of the renowned reference customers include Adidas, PayPal, Volkswagen, Apple, etc.


EdX is popular for delivering high-quality video courses supervised by the professionals at the top US universities such as MIT or Harvard. EdX is the only nonprofit agency among all other major course providers.

Corporate customers can access numerous relevant training program with EdX for business. These courses can be included in respective learning management system (LMS) of any company. Also, an in-depth learning analytics is available. Budget for the courses is not officially disclosed so the employees have to request it and negotiate individually.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn has evolved as a potential job market and a powerful social media portal for B2B sphere. And LinkedIn Learning advances online education to the next level. This platform has mainly evolved from Lynda.com. It uses beneficial insights from multiple professional networks (including its own). That’s why the platform is highly in demand among the employees and companies.


Sparknotes is the one stop destination for the students of arts. The online portal is a rescuer with its extensive library full of valuable study materials. From modern version of Biblical scriptures to Shakespeare’s plays, fun quizzes and chapter wise analysis of the novels – the site got it all. The best part is that the students can learn in the manner of games in this portal.


Codeacademy is a popular online address for the learners seeking to learn data science and web related software programming course. The portal also offers several difficulty level so this is an ideal place for both the novice and the moderately learnt professionals to enhance their skill set.

Also, the online platform offers reasonable price based on the type, difficulty, and duration of the course. So you can customize your course as per your budget.


Udacity allows people to advance their knowledge in Cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, deep learning, programming, and many other industry specific programs. The certification from this education portal is widely accepted by companies across the world.

All these online platforms have offered a great chance to people to enhance their efficiency. Employees or individuals can easily learn from these portals at the comfort of their home whenever they want.

So, which one is your pick? Have you joined any online education program yet? Feel free to share your experience in the comment box below.…

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